There is a lot of information about solar panels, inverters and mounting systems that you can no longer understand. What is correct information? Through a long study, we have already done the homework for you and with this we can give you excellent advice!
Do the cheapest panels also work? Most likely they work pretty well, but the machines with which they are made are usually those of the previous generation of the larger factories.
We take no risks with installations and opt for proven good quality. Brands whose performance is clear and generally known to be good products. In addition to this, we only use high-quality cabling and plugs. The solar panels and systems are very reliable; however, if problems occur, this is often due to faulty connections on the roof.
As solar panels we apply, among other things: Yingli, Suntech, CSUN.
As inverters we use: Fronius, Power-one, SMA and Enecsys.
As a mounting system we often use Clickfit, but if necessary also a measurement system.
For the plugs we use only original Multi Contact plugs and for the DC cabling we install Lapp Stuttgart cable.
But we start with your roof! The objective is to achieve an optimum mix of yield, return and environmental gain.